Kerry Melton, Jesu Das (Bro.Abraham's brother), a pastor, Bro.Abraham, Bro.Mathew's father, and I.
Bro.Kerry Melton and I at Bro.Abraham's house.
The kids sing in church.
Me, Bro.Shawn Nichols, and Bro.Mathew.
The kids way of welcoming me.
The children's "headmaster", Daveedanum.
Salt water is used to heal skin problems.
Ice cream!
You can just see the very small people next to these HUGE idols near the beach.
Wade Cash, Sean Carpenter, me, Chad Asbury, and Bro.J.D. Weido eat at an Indian restaurant with Bro.Mathew.
Van paid for by HCH supporters.
Bro.Mathew Henry.
Visiting in Bro.Mathew's living room.
Bro.and Mrs.Abraham Lincoln, the children's pastor and wife.
The HCH children stand high overlooking Visakhapatnam beach and city.
What kind people to lay on such a spread of food for us!
The children standing on a high hill with the Bay of Bengal in the background.

Hope Children's Home
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