Hope Children's Home is under the administration of Dr. Mathew
Henry. I have known Bro. Mathew since I was 10 years
old. He came to the U.S.A. in 1977 to attend Tri-State Baptist
College in Memphis,TN. At that time my dad was on the
staff of Bethel Baptist Church where Bro. Mathew attended
services. In the years following Bro. Mathew went on to
earn his B.A. and M.R.E., degrees. In 1981 he returned to
India and began training to assume the leadership of his
father in law’s (Dr. G.R. Lorne) ministry, the Fellowship of
Gospel Indigenous Churches. The F.I.G.C. now includes
125 churches located in southeast India. It is through the
network of these churches that children are recommended to HCH. 
Brother Abraham Lincoln was saved under the ministry of the
 F.I.G.C. and became pastor of Carmel Baptist Church in 1996.
 I first met Bro.Abraham in January 2002 on my first trip to India and was impressed with his kindness and servant spirit. I am glad the HCH kids have such a godly pastor.
In January of 2002 I was on a 4 1/2 month vocal rest having developed vocal nodules from a busy schedule of singing. During this period my pastor friend, Kevin Bernard, invited me to go with him to India on a missions trip. I decided to go and quietly observe the people, the culture,and the ministry of Bro.Mathew Henry. Over the next few months the Lord began dealing with me about ministering to the Indian people in some way. Finally in the spring of 2003 I decided to spend a month in the country seeking His will on the matter. It was during this trip that the Lord gave me great peace about founding the HCH.
My joyful expectation is to return to India in a few short years on a regular visit and speak and sing at a church pastored by one of the grown up HCH children!  
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Bro.Shawn Drewett
Bro.Mathew Henry
Bro.Abraham Lincoln

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